Youth Club

 Who are the ASDFW Youth Club Officers?

Current Year (2018) Officers:

  1. Esha Bansal (President)
  2. Juhi Agarwal (Vice-President)
  3. Yash Garg (Treasurer)
  4. Srishti Garg (Community Service Director)
  5. Tejas Bansal (Events Director)

Youth Club Social Event

What:Youth Club Social Event
When: March 25th, 20183:30 - 5:30PM 
Where: Castle Hills North Community Center (201 Anna Avenue, Lewisville, TX 75056)
NOTE: This is a free event.

What is the ASDFW Youth Club?
  • Wonderful platform for the next generation to learn and grow
  • Meet and make new friends who share common Indian/Agrawal culture and heritage
Who can join the Youth Club?
  • Kids of Agrawal Samaj of DFW members who are 10 years and older
What does the Youth Club do?
  • Plan and execute Agrawal events - independently, as well as with adults
  • Example of activities/initiatives undertaken by Youth Club in the past:
  • We want to also start regularly volunteering around the community
  • In the future, many other activities - limited only by the imagination and energy of the kids - are envisioned
Who guides the Youth Club?
Sounds like fun! How do I join?
  • It's simple. First make sure your parents are signed up to ASDFW, then simply fill out this form