If you want to pay using cash or check, then please contact ASDFW treasurer Honey Goel at or (972) 814 8733. 
Lifetime membership:-
  • $2000 one-time dues – 40% off until Dec 2018
  • All benefits of Premium Memberships (Listed below)
  • Recognition in Annual Patrikaa
Premium membership:-
  • $100 Annual dues
  • Discounted ticket prices for ASDFW events
  • Eligible to become a board member
  • Voting Rights on ASDFW matters
  • Access to Membership Directory on request
Basic Membership:-
  • No Annual Dues
  • Be part of the growing DFW Agrawal family
  • Access to ASDFW events, activities, and members
  • Participation and volunteering in ASDFW engagements
  • Full Ticket price for ASDFW event