Committee Members

1) Events Committee
A close-knit team of volunteers that do end-to-end planning, managing and executing of tasks for various ASDFW events including Sankranti Milan, Holi, and Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti. Critical to our Samaj’s ability to physically get together as ONE family. Plenty of opportunities to develop strong friendships amongst the Samaj families.

  1. Plan and execute various events
  2. Research and develop event communication and support methodologies
  3. Prepare event schedules, locations, speakers, materials and all facets for the program

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Sameer & Runjhun Agarwal (Chair)
  2. Ruchika & Raman Gupta
  3. Amit & Payal Goyal
  4. Mahesh & Renu Gupta
  5. Praveen & Anjali Gupta
  6. Anagha & Anshul Agarwal
  7. Shashank Goyal
  8. Nikhil and Neha Singhal
  9. Niharika & Pawan Goyal (COT Liaison)
  10. Aarti & Ritesh Bansal (BOD Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Mahesh and Renu Gupta (Chair)
  2. Ruchika and Raman Gupta
  3. Praveen and Anjali Gupta
  4. Sonal and Sandeep Goyal
  5. Amit and Rashi Poddar
  6. Sameer and Runjhun Agrawal
  7. Rohit and Richa Agrawal
  8. Raman and Nidhi Bansal
  9. Shivani and Mukesh Agrawal
  10. Parul Agrawal (COT Liaison)

2) Cultural Committee
Responsible for cultural and entertainment segments at events – most heavily involved at the Agrasen Jayanti event. Encourage kids and adults to showcase their talents by providing them stage time in a warm and friendly environment during the cultural/entertainment segments. Ensure that all performances/songs are ASDFW friendly. If you like to work with kids, please get involved!

  1. Plan and execute all cultural activities at the events (Sankranti Milan, Holi, Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti)
  2. Coordinate with performers, EmCee, DJs, and Choreographers

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Rashi Poddar (Chair)
  2. Neha Jain
  3. Mandvi Agarwal
  4. Runjhun Agrawal
  5. Radhika Goel (COT Liaison)
  6. Gita Singhal (BOD Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Arti Bansal(Chair)
  2. Mandavi Agrawal
  3. Ritu Agrawal
  4. Meera Goyal
  5. Preety Bansal
  6. Manjari Mittal (COT Liaison)

3) Youth Committee
Provides a platform for the next generation to develop leadership skills, meet and make new friends who share common Indian/Agrawal culture and heritage. Help organize, volunteer, and participate at ASDFW and community events.

  1. Help operate Youth Club under the guidelines/direction of ASDFW
  2. Develop creative opportunities and events to enhance leadership in Youth
  3. Facilitate self-governance within Youth Club
  4. Enhance collaboration with ASDFW Committees for lead roles in events and activities

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Manish Zanzaria (Chair)
  2. Gaurav Jain
  3. Romin Jain
  4. Priya Sureka
  5. Sonal Goyal
  6. Gaurav Gupta
  7. Parul Agrawal(COT Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Gaurav Jain (Chair)
  2. Romin Jain
  3. Priya Sureka
  4. Manish Zanzaria
  5. Gaurav Gupta
  6. Honey Goel (COT Liaison)

4) Membership Committee
Plays a key role in welcoming, integrating, and introducing new member families to the Samaj. Makes sure that new members are represented on the website, emailing lists, and Evite. Find ways to reach out to more Agrawal families in the DFW area.

  1. Develop and carry out a program to promote membership and increase the membership enrollment
  2. Maintain the membership database and manage membership enrollment and outreach
  3. Grow membership participation at events and activities, committees, and volunteership

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Jantosh Bansal (Chair)
  2. Pooja Goel (Co-Chair)
  3. Vipul Goel 
  4. Rohit Bansal
  5. Arpit Garg
  6. Anshika Bansal
  7. Neeraj Mittal (COT Liaison)
  8. Navita Agrawal (BOD Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Charu Bansal(Chair)
  2. Ankush Agrawal
  3. Akhilesh Agrawal
  4. Bindu Shangle
  5. Nikita Bansal
  6. Sanjeev Agrawal
  7. Abhishek Bansal (COT Liaison)

5) Communications Committee
Responsible for website, mailing lists, communication tools, and Evite management. Always up-to-date and functional website is important for existing, new, and future members of our growing Samaj. Provide useful and effective communication tools that facilitate greater communication and collaboration between Samaj members.

  1. Serve as communication backbone for ASDFW managing and updating various websites, communication platforms, newsletters, messages, and Patrikaa
  2. Develop strategies to strengthen our communication methodology, including redesign of website, content, management, and social media integration
  3. Share information with ASDFW membership, partner organizations, and sponsors on diverse community-based programs to engage them in fostering and promoting ASDFW outreach strategies

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Ankush Goyal (Chair)
  2. Swati Gupta
  3. Akhilesh Agarwal
  4. Abhishek Bansal
  5. Ankush Agrawal
  6. Nikita Bansal
  7. Rakhi Gupta
  8. Shreya Agrawal
  9. Abhishek Bansal (COT Liaison) 
  10. Charu Bansal (BOD Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Ajit Goel
  2. Preety Bansal
  3. Ankush Goyal(Chair)
  4. Dharmendra Garg (COT Liaison)

6) Professional Network Committee
Responsible for organizing events that support professional networking and growth within the Samaj.

Create a platform where invited speakers and members can share tips on professional activities such as entrepreneurship, professional growth, career change, skill development, financial planning, and civic involvement.

Current Year (2018) Members:
  1. Pavan Agrawal (Chair)
  2. Hemant Agarwal
  3. Ashish Bansal 
  4. Mukesh Agrawal (COT Liaison)
  5. Vikas Agrawal (BOD Liaison)
Last Year (2017) Members:
  1. Mayank Agrawal (Co-Chair)
  2. Tarun Agrawal (Co-Chair)
  3. Anup Gadodia
  4. Ashok Kumar
  5. Dr. Jai Kumar
  6. Jantosh Bansal
  7. Manish Agrawal
  8. Tania Goyal
  9. Vikas Agrawal
  10. Niharika Goyal (COT Liaison)