Agrawal Samaj of Dallas/Fort Worth saw its beginning in 2010 when a few families got together with a vision of establishing a local chapter for Agrawals to create awareness about our proud heritage, culture & traditions, get together to celebrate festivals, establish a network and support for our community and children, recognize role models to create an exciting environment for children, and provide a platform for matrimonial services.  Since 2010 our community has embraced this vision and a tremendous sense of camaraderie has been felt among members.  As a result the Samaj has grown to over 360 registered families representing almost every major city across the DFW metroplex.

Events and gatherings are made possible through hard work and dedication of many volunteers and a small charge, per attending family, to cover venue and food expenses.  Check out memories from previous years celebrations.  Go ahead register here and get your Evite.  Although there is no membership fee for ASDFW, each event is supported by tickets at a nominal charge.

Trustee Families
Agrawal, Anshul and Parul (2010 - present)
Agrawal, Mukesh and Shivani (2010 - present)
Bansal, Abhishek and Smita (2010 - present)
Garg, Dharmendra and Puja (2010 - present)
Goel, Honey and Radhika (2010 - present)
Goyal, Pawan and Niharika (2010 - present)
Jain, Rakesh and Namita (2010 - 2015)
Mittal, Neeraj and Manjari (2010 - present)
Mittal, Pradeep and Vandana (2010 - present)
2018 Executive Team
Dharmendra Garg - President
Mukesh Agrawal- Vice-President
Honey Goel - Treasurer

Past Presidents
Pradeep Mittal (2017)
Neeraj Mittal (2016)
Parul Agrawal (2015)
Niharika Goyal (2014)
Honey Goel (2013)
Abhishek Bansal (2012)
Mukesh Agrawal (2011)